Anti-theft backpack with integrated USB charger: plan to live better

The anti-theft backpack that knows how to get noticed and is extremely appreciated by all those who have tried it. Difficult not to find it functional with its specially designed pockets and compartments, it is impossible not to notice its minimal design and suitability for everyone. Let’s look at its features.

It’s name is Bobby

This anti-theft backpack is designed in detail and carefully handcrafted. To make the product known, it was launched at a fund-raiser, where it was much appreciated and exceeded all sales forecasts.

The measurements have been studied to the millimeter (mm 450 x 300 x 165) because they respect those recommended by major airlines in reference to hand baggage which is possible to take onboard.

Functionality and aesthetics for the anti-theft backpack that knows how to get noticed

The Bobby backpack is distinguished by its combination of dense and sober colours: black, dark blue and gray are colours which are suitable for the business world and therefore perfect if you intend that this object be destined to the promotion of your company. However, even the red brick colour, another within the possible choices can be impressive.

The shape

Essential is the word that best defines the shape of this anti-theft backpack. Elegance is another aspect absolutely not  having been overlooked  These two features make it suitable for both men and women, as a bag for everyday use and as a supplement to your trolley for short business trips or for leisure. Yes, it also has a hook to fasten the bag directly to the trolley. Not bad, huh?

Innovation in the choice of materials

A real novelty lies in the fabric which it is made of. Its thickness is due to different layers, each with a specific function: the outermost is waterproof, anti-cut and extremely resistant. The innermost layers and the base of the backpack have the specific ability to resist bangs, constituting quality protection around the objects inside, through the use of an anti-trauma foam. Would you ever leave your PC inside a pocket which is not properly reinforced? Certainly not, in our opinion. Moreover, it is light and ergonomic: a particular which is not to be underestimated.


zaino antitaccheggio

Other pluses not to underrate

There are additional features that make this backpack unique, as well as being a valuable gift for customers and employees.. Here are a few:

  • Reflective inserts on the back, on the top and on the shoulder part. It ensures safety even at night.
  • Anti-sweat fabric, being perforated and allowing air to pass through in the part in contact with the back.
  • Strong and stable zips. The main zip is covered by material and therefore it is impossible to open it when wearing Bobby.
  • Anti-theft pockets on the lateral straps and the back, in order to keep the smallest and most precious objects safe.
  • USB charger on the right side
  • Padlock and travel scales included.

Let’s discover the inside of the backpack


zaino antitaccheggio


The inside is indeed amazing. Divided into four macro spaces which allow perfect distribution of the contents and seem to make the objects lighter by 20/25%. In the inner half near the back, there are internal pockets for laptops and tablets, while we can find a power bank holder pocket and a pen holder pocket externally to the inner half, apart from there being extra space to fill up to one’s content. The distribution of the load induces the back to hold straight.


zaino antitaccheggio

The anti-theft backpack as a promotional product

A high quality product for companies of excellence. A gift that can be given to employees, personalizing it with the business logo, that can be gifted to loyal customers or can be the first prize in your giveaways, those who receive it will be enthusiastic about carrying your logo in return. Go on, try it. And you’ll believe it.

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