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Personalized consultancy

We support companies in growth based projects focusing on their marketing campaigns. We offer personalized consultation to provide clients with solutions in line with their Brand Identity, through promotional objects that represent them.

Promotional items

We offer customized company gadgets and design objects for every specific event. We offer different items, which we personalize to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, and to guarantee their objectives, in order to materialize and drive their brand message and mission forward.

Business gifts

Through our collaborations with national and international brands, we offer a curated selection of products suitable as gifts for business partners and employees, all of which are personalizable with the company logo. Additionally, we take care of packaging, greeting cards, and shipping to any destination within Italy and beyond, as well as handling customs, and tracking the package until the moment it reaches its final destination.

Corporate merchandising

We design and produce corporate merchandising throughout the consultancy. When making a collection

for our clients, we focus on selecting, designing, and creating a personalized range of products that harmonizes with their brand and corporate identity. The creation of a catalogue is also available, as well as the implementation of an online platform for company  employees, the company’s national and international branches, and affiliates. 

Custom made gadgets

We produce entirely personalized gadgets, managing all facets of production. This starts with the design phase, followed by presenting our clients with photoreal 3D  renders and samples, after which the final product and made-to-measure packaging is designed and manufactured.


We follow the client’s guidelines for the development and implementation of rewards programs (operations and competitions). We identify and select the prizes according to the targets of the event and the budget, to get the maximum benefit from the promotion. We study the regulations and the mechanics taking care of the bureaucratic aspects. We also take care of warehouse management and shipments with periodic and final reporting.


We increase brand visibility by producing marketing material that reflects the client’s sales strategies. Services: Counter and floor displays, storefront showcase/displays, roll-ups, advertising totems, change trays, window decals.

Loyalty programs

In order to best satisfy our clients, we create new marketing and incentivization strategies. We manage the relationships between brand and customer through loyalty programs directed at improving engagement and retention.

Authorized access portal

We create tailor-made portals dedicated to promotional items and corporate merchandising, all based on the client’s guidelines.

A reserved space with authorized access through a company account.

Primary consultancy services:

● Selection of products specific to the proper/given business sector (pharmaceuticals, insurance,

automotive, non-profit organization etc.)

Online catalogue (multilingual available) for commerce with listed prices

● Product spreadsheets, with detailed technical specifications, price per quantity, and visual samples

from referral brands

● A history of previously ordered gadgets and products with dates and design schemes

● Wishlist with the ability to request price

In 2000, Promitalia I.&P. PLC was born, a specialized company within promotional item production. They grow rapidly due/thanks to the experience they gain working with major multinational companies and collaborations with important brands within the B2B sector such as NAVA DESIGN, SAMSONITE STATIONARY, OREGON SCIENTIFIC, CARAN D’ACHE. In 2014, the evolution of business and new marketing strategies led to the birth of Below The Sign s.r.l.

A play on words that idealizes our vision: working with “Below the Line” marking with clear focus on design.
We orrer our consultancy, analyse market and brand positioning, and finally design a promotional solution appropriate for every promotional event or every necessity.

Our range of products and services is constantly broadening: From the creation of tailor-made, innovative, and functional gadgets and promotional objects, to loyalty and incentive based programs, as well as company clothing. All this while remaining committed to an innovative and sustainable process and use of materials.

All Below The Sign products are CE marked and have appropriate certification.

The Below The Sign team is not simply focussed on execution, instead working closely with the client all the

way from analysis and design to final delivery.

Want to promote your Brand?

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