We like to think about design!

Consumer reference values in recent times have largely changed.

As the consumer, there has been a switch to prosumer, the key player with regard to every purchasing choice, who strives to find the proposal which is more and more personalized, that goes beyond the mere functional aspect, and enters into relations with one’s emotional side.

For this reason traditional marketing has turned into a kind of marketing which incorporates experience and engagement of the senses.

How to be different, therefore, in a promotional campaign?

With designed promotional items which enhance consumer behaviour, and which engage them through the senses, such as touch or hearing, creating a personalized and immersive experience.

Locating a product which has a specific job to do, but which also inspires a symbolic and emotional experience.

The design of this mini speaker creates a particular image in the minds of consumers, and just to its touch, it stimulates reactions, which enhance the experiencing of it, generating emotions that increase the perception of the latter towards the Brand.