Vintage video games: the sweeping passion of the 80s, for the promotional market

Vintage video games are back in a new device designed for the promotional sector: the daddlbox.

They were the dream of all children between the 80s and the 90s, today they have almost become unavailable in their original form therefore, having a reproduction in the measurement of 155 x 95 x 96 mm could be extremely fun and a moment of recreation for your employees or your customers.


Present your public with a gift of vintage games to win them over

Thanks to new technologies, the great classics of gaming are back in pocket form and are ready to give the same emotions as the past. Even the melodies that characterize each game are original and contribute to making this pleasant pastime more compelling.


Attention to details

The daddlbox is the new small reproduction of the classic video game which transported young and less young to fantastic worlds and exciting adventures; just what we all dreamed of as children, including your potential customers. Today, all those who have it will be able to play on the bus, with friends and during lunch breaks, even in the office, giving your brand great visibility.

video giochi vintage

let’s discover the new gadget with a retrò feel

Here are the main features:

  • 240 games of all kinds
  • 8-bit screen graphics
  • Built-in speaker

Possibility of customizing the game with graphic space for the company logo.


Those who have already tried it ensure that customers are pleasantly entertained and amply satisfied about having found a light-hearted gadget for sharing moments of relaxation. It is also a gadget that creates the opportunity to organize fun challenges among colleagues.

Guaranteed fun with a retro feel.

Video gioco Vintage

So the charm of “retro-gaming” seems to have conquered the promotional world, gaining new life. Although the current video game world offers a multitude of possible games, the old glories still seem to be alive in the minds of old-fashioned gamers.

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