Vacuum your brand: it’s “wow” effect.

Implementing an effective and efficient communication process is essential to make a business grow better. Being able to identify the most suitable means to convey a message requires a lot of attention, aimed at identifying innovative and cutting-edge communication formulas capable of strengthening and enhancing one’s brand identity.

The same happens in the promotional, thanks to original solutions that allow to implement a targeted communication and impact through the use of the peculiarities of the product and the packaging itself. Below The Sign offers the original vacuum pen + flyer set to match the colors of the logo. Available in the 15 x 30 cm format and available in a wide range of colors, it is the perfect giveaway to be distributed in fairs and events.

Thanks to the transparency of the packaging and the possibility of printing on the front of the leaflet, it will be possible to easily highlight any type of information, turning a simple gadget into a real advertising vehicle.