Travel Gadget: the best 6 to put in suitcase

Some are indispensable, others are comfortable, others are still connected to our habits. We’re talking about Travel Gadgets. Completely customizable, these objects look not only to technology, but also to eco-sustainability, thanks to the utilization of recycled and natural materials.

Discover our wishlist for travel lovers.

Travel Bottles Set

Elegant and practical, this set of travel bottles includes 2 aluminum bottles (80 ml), 1 spray bottle (30 ml), 2 cans (14 gram), a 4-layer can, a funnel, a spatula and an aspirator, contained in a practice PVC case with zip. Approved by airlines and compliant with TSA requirements, they are the ideal solution for people that loves to fly.

Set flaconi da viaggio

10.000 mAh Powerbank

One of the most popular travel gadgets is definitely the Wirless Powerbank, a real technological innovation for those who like to stay connected. Equipped with a high quality digital display that indicates the charge level and a 10,000 mAh lithium battery rechargeable via USB or type C, it includes a 5W wireless charger to charge all wireless devices. Wireless charging is compatible with the latest versions of Android, iPhone 8, 8S and X. Input 2A. Wireless output: 5V / 2.1A


Customizable hand sanitizer

Health at your fingertips with the hand gel sanitizer in 50 ml transparent dispenser with convenient clip. The bottle is made of plastic and can be customized with four-color printing on an adhesive label.

igienizzante mani

Solar Creams

Perfect for summer, this transparent clutch bag contains 2 solar products of 50 ml each: spf 20 spray protection and after-sun mousse cream, both customizable.


Refreshing towel

A real innovation is the refreshing towel made of 100% microfibre, capable of blocking 98% of UV rays up to protection 50. Presented in a bottle with a snap-hook made in PP, it is made without chemicals. Just add water to the bottle for immediate refreshment.

Asciugamano rinfrescante

Eco Backpack

Made of 100% recycled PET 190T, the Eco backpack is a reliable travel companion for a vacation or a short break in the city. Available in 3 colors, it is fully customizable with a practical and comfortable key ring.

zaino eco