The role of gadgets in marketing strategies

Promotion is essential for marketing strategy beacause it helps the firm to reach sales goals and also to reinforce the brand awareness. The Gadgets are becoming more and more important for promotional activities. This is determinated from the decisive role that they have despite their simplicity. When gadget’s quality is high, the product continues its work after the end of promotional campaign too. So It is very important choose promotional products which are coherent not only with the campaign but also with the brand so they can comunicate its values.

Another strength of gadgets is that they improve relationship between brand and consumers because they are one of the means to get in touch. These products are favorable for the firm and the consumers who have positive opinions about the gadget. A research made by PPAI (Promotionale Products Association International) says that: 8 of 10 consumers love to receive promotional products; 7 of 10 would like to receive them more often; 96% would like to know when companies distribute gadgets.


These are the features that every product should have to be appreciated by consumers. The consumers will make a positive connection between the gadget and the brand. The firm who chose a durable and appropriate gadget will be able to keep its message alive for a long time.

The intrinsic value of promotional products is that they also continue to work (to promote the brand and its positive image) after the end of their promotional campaigns.

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