Writing tools are one of the best means of communication within promotional campaigns, both in terms of returns regarding image and Brand Recognition.

They are versatile promotional items but above all, in relation to investment they achieve high redemption.

The usefulness of a promotional product such as a pen becomes a central component, since it hugely increases Brand visibility to the public..

In fact, 60% of people use a pen from 5 to 10 times a day and 79% of people use promotional pens received from a company, especially in the workplace (PPAI Source).

The ballpoint pen is favoured by 83% of people as opposed to other writing instruments for its practical function, excellent and trustworthy writing and a wide offer on the market of articles with a high quality/price ratio.

Among the many types of pens therefore, it is essential that one can be found which looks original and is effectively personalized, in order to increase the promotional and communicative message efficiently.

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