Starting from a logo, an image, a corporate product or just an idea, we devise and develop tailor made promotional items.

By creating an ad hoc gadget one is able to reach the consumer in an exclusive and personalized way, achieving a highly noticeable result and increasing referrals to the company.

The USB stick is one of the major “ads vehicles”, as it is a technological and functional object for consumer needs.

74% of people use promotional products in their work space (PPAI Source) and the repeated use of these consequently increases Brand Recognition by 66% and Brand Awareness by 58%.

The ad hoc design of an item requires careful analysis and the choice of shapes and materials, such as plastic with a rubber effect or with brushed metal, and the choice of print, such as embossed lettering, which enhance the company logo..

The ultimate goal is to combine quality and design, instilling in the mind of the consumer the perception of having received a premium product with high added value..