Speaker Bluethoot: this summer changes music

This summer changes music. With the selection of bluetooth speakers designed for the open air you can have your playlist always at hand. From their appearance on the market to date, portable loudspeakers have undergone a surprising evolution, which has led them to acquire increasingly sophisticated features, being rightly among the most requested technological gadgets. The advantages deriving from the use of a portable speaker are different, one of which is the possibility of transforming any place into the perfect location for parties, leisure and relaxation. Choosing between the various types is simple, just identify your needs. Here is a selection of the most innovative, including design, exclusive features and new sound potential.

Lamp Speaker

Lamp or speaker? Both of them! This 3W wireless speaker with integrated LED light is really full of surprises. With BT 4.2 technology for a fast and stable connection. The 1,200 mAh lithium battery has an autonomy of 4 hours and a range of 10 m. The fabric finishes make it suitable for any environment, it can be hung or simply placed on a flat surface. The lamp can be turned off while listening to music, it also has an integrated microphone.

Speaker Water Bottle

For sport lovers, this is an original accessory that combines utility and environmental sustainability. Made of Tritan and with a capacity of 650 ml, this practical water bottle is equipped with 3W wireless speaker and light, perfect for outdoor and sports.

Floating Speaker

Whether in the pool or in the whirlpool, the 3W waterproof and floating speaker is a real technological treat. Equipped with a support that allows you to use it wherever you want and a hook to hang it easily, it can remain active up to 8 hours without interruption. It uses BT 3.0 technology which allows a connection with your device up to 15m. Equipped with a multicolor LED it will be possible

6w outdoor speaker

This powerful 6W wireless speaker is ideal for outdoor activities like picnics, barbecues or pool parties. Thanks to the IPX7 waterproof polyester it is made of, it offers the possibility of listening to music anywhere. Both boxes use two passive radiators that increase the quality of the bass. The 2,200 mAh battery guarantees an autonomy of 10 hours of use and the BT 4.2 technology ensures a stable and fast connection and a clean sound. Range 10 meters

Sunglasses with Speaker

Get ready for summer with sunglasses with built-in wireless music speakers. Simply connect your mobile phone to your glasses to listen to your favorite music through both 1W speakers. The lenses are UV400 and the frame is made of lightweight PC. With BT 4.2 for easy connection and operating distance up to 10 meters. The 110 mAh battery allows you to play music up to 3 hours. Includes microphone and reception function to answer calls. Packaged in a transparent travel case.