Snappy® Pen, do you remember it?

The Snappy® Pen has been an icon of communication during 80s, it is back with a modern design. Before we talk about the new design, we retrace quickly the story of the most famous Toy Pen of promotionlae sector.

Its designer is the italian Pietro Larizza who deposited the patent of the Snappy® Pen in 1983. The name of the pen is due to the sound that it produces when it is opened, exactly ”snap”. The Snappy® Pen is characterized by a flat form and by a  hood that thanks to a wire rotates around the body of the pen without ever detaching. This are some of the reasons for its international success, in fact during 80s nearly 100 million pieces.  

It was chosen as a sponsor for some cars of Formula 3, Formula 3000 and Formula 1; it was also chosen for some commercials that airen on the major Italian television networks.

The Snappy® Pen has been propose again in 2014, it had bright colors and graphical customizations that leave you speechless. Some important organizations have chosen the Snappy® Pen, for example the MoMa of New York City, the theatre La Scala of Milan, La Rinascente and the Arteum museum of Paris, but also some important italian football clubs like Inter and Roma.

The particular shape of the Snappy® Pen has made her famous not only for the fun game she creates with the hood, but also because it offers a very large customizable surface on which, as you can see from the photos, you can print rich graphics making it even more incisive the communication of the brand!