Smart gadget 2018: bring joy to the office with the Flower Speaker Amplifier

Among the smart gadgets of 2018 we point out the plant with built-in speaker amplifier. Not just a simple plant, which caring for may help combat office stress, but above all a device based on a system that will play your favorite music through plants. Just like that! Read on to find out how you use it.

Freshness and vivacity to the rhythm of music

A nice promotional item that we are pleased to insert among the smart gadgets of 2018. Its main positioning is aimed at winning over public places, hotels and spaces where there is particular attention to well-being. In fact, it is a promotional product that can really enhance and enliven the environment in which it is placed.

For the most curious

Here we reveal the mechanism of its functioning: this is a device which, hidden in a vase plays music with enough pitch to vibrate the stem and diffuse the sound waves directly from the plant.    Radios and other music playing devices can be connected The system uses an amplifier, a vase and a cylinder made of acrylic resin. Designed to transfer the vibrations along the stem to the flower petals, sound is transmitted via the same mechanism of conventional speakers. In place of the classic paper cones, in this case the ends of the plant vibrate and spread the sound..

The real novelty

In addition to playing music, you can activate light sensors simply by touching the plant. The base of the vase has sensors which detect when the plant is touched and converts the touch into music and colours.

Key features of the smart gadget in question

  • The play of light may vary in 7 different colours
  • The plant can be set to your favorite colour.
  • All customizations can be selected from your smartphone
  • The 1.200 mAh lithium battery will ensure approximately 5 hours of music without interruptions..
  • The vase connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and recharges via a USB socket..
  • Ultrasound welding technology, applied in order to make the product waterproof
  • Its structure prevents the root of the plant from rotting
  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 11.4 x 11.7 cm

A nice idea for those with limited space and who want to use it to its best: the new gadget in fact, acts as a speaker, an ornamental plant and a light. Moreover, it is pleasing to the eye and to the touch. And as always, apart from study of the packaging, (as an alternative to what is already included) there is the possibility of customizing the vase with your logo. Here is an example:

smart gadget

What more can be said? … If they are roses “they will play”!

Do you like this idea to promote your business? Learn more about the product by clicking here.