Creativity & Design

We offer our creativity in order to realize unique projects.

Ad hoc promotional items, communication material for the points of sale and exhibition stands.

We analyze sales and/or marketing objectives, we assess the budget, the time needed and operational constraints, the services and the accessories. We analyze the relating case histories and elaborate the ideas to be developed, discussing any changes needing to be made with the client. The final proposal of all operational characteristics is drawn up in detail and supported by 3D render or, in the case of promotional items, by mock-up or definitive samples. After approval the production process commences, however only after verifying all eligibility requirements of the product, materials and suppliers. Each phase of the process is constantly followed in order to ensure quality. Punctuality with respect to delivery is an essential condition which gratifies us and the customer.

Promotional items

We identify the best and most effective solutions for each specific event.

Our work consists in few however careful steps. Starting from market research, analysis and investigation into the production areas, we continue with briefings in order to select products and assess the quality/value for money ratio.
We update our supplier database and plan orders up until final delivery.
Additional services for Importing
Sample/Product approval prior to production, quality control and certifications,  transportation and carrying out of customs clearance.
All the products we distribute, made in Europe or imported (Far East), are certified according to the European and international regulations (CE, RoHs, REACH, WEEE).
Specific certifications: toys are subject to the Italian/European Institute for safety certifications on toys, SGS, BV or the Chinese equivalent.
Cosmetics and medical products are subject to the approval of the Ministry of Health, to laws and European regulations .
Products intended for contact with food are tested for compliance with safety rules.

Prize catalogues

All that is needed to organize operations with prizes is managed by us in detail.

We are able to support our customers with regard to all the steps necessary for the organization of promotional initiatives for companies, such as prize competitions or similar. We offer the ultimate assistance at every stage, from creative consultancy to product selection, from the creation of communication supports for each type of campaign (catalogues and web pages) to the customization of the product, also offering the possibility of intervention with respect to the direct management of logistics .


We personalize gadgets and promotional items with appropriate printing techniques, proposing the best graphic solutions.

Personalization is an obligatory stage in the study and creation of a gadget or promotional item. The graphic element of a logo , a brand or a label must integrate with the forms, the materials, the nature and use of an object. We proceed by creating graphic proposals in draft form or in 3D simulations to share with our customers in order to define the positioning, colours and printing technique which are the most appropriate: Screen printing, Pad printing, Digital, Laser, Transfer , Embroidery, Offset.

Trade fair stands

We plan and develop innovative solutions and stand areas in order to capture attention and aim for success.

To capture the attention of potential new customers, without underestimating the confidence of consolidated accounts, it is extremely important to display individual personality, moving away from established patterns as much as possible. When one decides to embark on a new business relationship, one searches for a particular which affords one with identity, above all to stand out from others. These are our guidelines when we envisage a customized stand. Our services include: Design, Production, Preparation, Rental Equipment, Transportation and Storage.