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SC0510 - Multifunction UV-C sterilizer for smartphone

Code: SC0510

Promotional items – Multifunction UV-C sterilizer that kills up to 99.9% of the bacteria present inside the device. Simply place items such as earphones, jewelry, watches and face mask inside the box to sterilize them using UV-C technology. You can choose to perform a quick clean in 90 seconds or a full clean in 5 minutes. Inside, there is a 2 UV-C LED lamp which is non-toxic and mercury-free produced like many UV lamps on the market. Designed so that the UV-C LED lamp turns off automatically when the box is opened so that the user is not exposed to UV-C light. The lights have a life cycle of 10,000 hours. It is supplied with a PVC-free type C TPE cable, 100 cm long. Input: 5V / 1.5A

Material: ABS

Size: 19,1 x 10,4 x 5,1 cm

Color: white

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