In line with the new EU provisions on plastic free, several companies choose to turn to promotional items made from recycled plastic. UNESCO has often emphasized the balance of life and technology, whose production has grown exponentially from 1950 to 2015, with over 8,300 million products produced in 65 years. Replacing the plastic with bioplastic and with articles in Pet can be a valid solution to help well-being in a concrete way.

Despite the majority of plastic deriving from domestic waste, very important si the role played by companies in the processes of updating international standards to protect the environment is extremely important. The companies that have chosen to turn to the green economy are more competitive on the market due to the climate of trust that they establish with consumers and employees.

A small contribution in the business field can be given by the choice of the Pet Pen, made with recycled plastic coming from PET bottles. This sturdy and durable material shows that the life cycle of a plastic bottle doesn’t end with simple disposal, but can start again thanks to reconversion and reuse techniques. Writing with a Pet Pen, distributing them in their offices or to their clients is an important signal for those who want to support the concept of eco-sustainability with their business.

The production process of these particular pens starts from the collection of the bottles, which after being carefully washed and reduced to grains, are heated and dissolved to give life to a new mouldable material. Winners of the PSI Sustainability Awards 2017, the Pet Pen represent the new frontier of sustainable business, yet there are several eco materials that can be used for the production of office accessories. Not only PET, but also bioplastics, cardboard and cellulose.

Turning to innovative products and acquiring new habits is necessary to create a new value system. Think Green. The green revolution has just begun.