As we have already said, 2019 is benne the year of sustainability; all people in the world have become aware of the environmentale alarm. We have started to move small steps toward a green future. The road is still long, but as a famous Chinese proverb says “Even the longest journey begins with the first step”. Now that we have started, we are not going to stop.

The water bottles have been one of the products of sustainable turning point. We have tried to remove the plastic from bottles. Today we want to do something more, we want remove all the plastic cups. To do that we choose the thermal cups which are appropriate to our desks anche which are easy to take with us at all time. These Mugs are one of the trend of 2020.

The new trend tastes all American. Who among us, watching movies and TV series set overseas, didn’t dream of walking the streets of New York with one of their classic coffee glasses in hand? The younger ones will surely have fantasized thanks to the scenes of two of the most popular hit TV series of the last twenty years, Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls.

The culture of coffee on thye go definitely arrives all over the world and is tinged with green. There are countless versions of thermal Mugs made in different materials like bamboo and stainless steel.

Trendy and eco-friendly cups that allow us to have our drinks always at hand, in a container that respects the environment and that keeps the temperature.

Choose the thermal cup for your promotional campaign and let’s develop the customization together!