The webcam cover that protects you against hacker attacks

Security & Privacy

According to the latest events in the field of cyber espionage, it becomes increasingly important to protect yourself from hacking attempts. It is well known how today it is possible, for a hacker, to “enter” easily into our built-in webcam by now on most of our computers.

The camfecting (this is the name of the technique that allows you to take possession of webcams) is very widespread and dangerous. The camfecting takes place by exploiting a flaw in the operating system or in the management software giving way to hackers to control the webcam without our knowledge. The hacker could spy on us inside our home or in our office, perhaps taking us into private attitudes.

To overcome these problems you can rely on software that allow you to have more control on the webcam or even simply using a cover that allows you to protect and discover the webcam for your needs. The “webcam cover” is customizable with a company logo that not only protects your privacy from possible cyber attacks but also allows you to be constantly visible with your logo. An innovative brand reminder, absolutely current but above all really useful.

Webcam con cerotto 🙁