Eco-friendly pens for the circular economy!

What circular economy is? According to the Definition of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, it is “an economy designed to regenerate itself. In a circular economy, material flows are of two types: biological ones, able to be reintegrated into the biosphere, and technical ones, destined to be revalued without entering the biosphere.”

The products made according to the logic of the circular economy must be resource capable of creating added value during all stages of their life. Their strength is give the opportunity to reuse the material or the product itself thereby limiting waste. Use these products means beacome part of the new economic model of this type of economy and transmit a sustainable message!

The pens are one of the most polluting stationery. We use them everyday and we often forget where we left them. We need the pens, but we can chose ecofriendly pens!

Below you will find some examples of ecological pens made from eco-friendly materials and with new designs that will help you respect the environment even when you write, but in style!

Recycled PET pens

The recycled PET pens are ecological pens made through the reuse of the plastic of 0.5L PET bottles. This material  ensures a long-lasting surface on which to carry the company logo or promotional message you prefer. Available in multiple variants and colors to meet the different needs of our customers.

Paper pens

The ecological pens in paper are ideal for those who decide to marry the philosophy of the circular economy: made from recycled paper, they can be recycled again after their use. They are simple, but bearing an important message!

Wooden pens

Thanks to the use of PeFC-certified German beech wood this thinks are elegant. The great variety of colors and textures makes even more special product. These pens are ideal to that people who want to be echological with a chic touch.

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