Corporate gadgets and team building

Humans are social animals. For this reason they have always lived in group since their origin and thay have devolped a strong feeling of belonging to the group. People decide to stay together not only to reach a target or to guarantee themselves a security status, but especially to satisfy the need of sharing the life with other people.

In every period of our life, we belong to one or more groups: our family, the class, the sports team, our college classmates, our historical group of firends and our working group too.

Feeling part of something is important not only because a group represents a landmark, but also because we can perceive ourself as an essential part of a cog. Companies have always pursued the goal of givingbirth, in every employee, that sense of belonging that can bring benefits not only in terms of work performance, but aslo in the weel-being of the person. Especially in recent years this last aspect has become more and more important for business choices; the reason it that today workers are subjected to hectic rhytms that bring a high level of stress.

There are multiple initiatives that firms implement in this sense: corporate dinners, celebrations for the achievements and team building activities that have recently evolved to engage employees in out-of-door trips and in “extreme” sports or otherwise not usually praticed.

Corporate gifts are another instrument used by firms for examples at the time of holiday or important milestones. Simple objecys like a notepad or more important like a clock are items which allow to develop an attachment to the company.

Some firms have develope merchandising platforms which permit employees to buy what they like at reduces prices.

The advantage brought by gadgets within the company is twofold: on the one hand it allows to develop – unconsciously – a sense of belonging, on the other hand they are a tool to increase brand awareness even among the acquaintances of the employees who will lead to the items received outside the office.

As with external promotional activities, it is also essential to spend time on the choice of promotional items for internal communication activities. Below The Sign provides its professionalism, the result of the long experience of its employees in the sector; together with the companies we identify the promotional product that best reflects their brand identity.

Whether you are looking for items to give to your employees for a special occasion or you want to have a catalog to draw on in case of need, we are at your disposal!