Coloured Silicone is one of the materials which has captured the attention of the public for its characteristics, mostly for its flexibility and the vast possibilities of personalization. Often we choose and suggest it to clients who want to stand out, whose target is a young and dynamic audience and who are lovers of innovation.


What promotional items can be made of coloured silicone?

Bracelets in coloured silicone are among the most common which have always been on the market and for some time now we have easily been able to identify the presence of purses or clutches made of coloured silicone in all types of shapes.  It is often used for everyday objects, such as the smartphone cover and we are so used to having it among our personal items that we do not even notice it.


The reasons why coloured silicone is a perfect material for promotional items?

The truth is, is that silicone lends itself to many uses, creating original and trendy gadgets. It is indeed a material which is:

  • Flexible
  • Youthful
  • Easily cleaned
  • Strongly breakage proof

Ideal for protecting objects you care about greatly, so it is often used as a cover for smartphones or as protection for speakers or other objects which could easily break. It is also used for food, in fact on our website you can find a wide selection of coloured silicone lunch boxes, glasses and other items.

Below, you can find some of our proposals which differ either in respect of originality and design or simplicity and usefulness. Here are a few proposals:



Bluetooth speaker

Stereo speakers with protective silicone edge, fully customizable. Complete with USB cable and gift box. You can find it here

speaker in silicone colorato



Activity tracker

Silicone bluetooth bracelet which monitors the type of training favoured, km covered each day, sleep and pedometer function.  You can find it here

gadget in silicone



Silicone cup

Silicone cup, foldable. Available in the pantone colour system. You can find it here

gadget in silicone



Silicone case

Silicone pouch for pens or cosmetics with shiny zipper pulls. You can find it here



Smartphone cover

Wireless charging cover for iPhone 6 or 7. You can find it here

cover in silicone colorato



Computer HUB

Available in all colours and compatible with any personal computer or laptop. You can find it here

silicone colorato



Very often companies contact us without having a clear idea of what they intend to achieve. We are here to provide promotional items which can be adapted to your needs and appreciated by the public. Contact us  for a consultation.