Below the Sign is home to professionals and talents and is where graphic designers, architects, web designers, business and marketing consultants work and share B2B projects focused on the promotion of companies, on visual communication at the point of sale and on exhibition areas.
Our passion for design is what distinguishes our identity. We think, we share and we cultivate values of creativity, beauty and quality in order to place products which are a combination of being attractive to the eye and functional on the market, respecting the Brand Identity of our customers and offering a flexible service which satisfies company objectives.
We transform a promotional object, an exhibition, a stand, into a connection between people and companies.
We are constantly evolving! Our collaboration with the international network allows us to be consistently informed with respect to new market trends and to integrate our research and product development.
Thousands of ideas and one voice which shape our concept of innovation … under the sign of design!


Experience and passion, dedication and enthusiasm are his distinguishing traits. If beauty is the essence of his life, art and design give it shape. He suggests and elaborates the innovative and creative aspects of projects with the team in order to share with clients.


Originating from Emilia Romagna, she loves to draw and becomes emotional when faced with the great architects, Renzo Piano above all. She began as a child decorating paper homes with cutouts from the Postal Market catalogue and today designs furniture, promotional items, stands and lighting.

Administration officer

Energy and determination are her slogan. To escape from the numbers that have always haunted her, she has chosen to devote herself to design, literature and painting. In this way one day she discovered that thanks to art she manages to feel more human.

Graphic designer

A predestined designer: as a child she became passionate about the idea of creating objects, the contributing factor to this being Lego. She likes to wear clothing accessories which she creates herself in her spare time. She knows how to be original however she is manic about particulars.


From current events to music, from travel to advertising, he has contributed words and punctuation to various forms of writing. A camera, some novels and many comics in his backpack: he is always ready to depart, on the route of discovery of new places and people.

Interior designer

With an artist's aspiration, however extremely technical and practical in everyday life. A little bit of an explorer, just simply a little curious, he roams the world in search of creativity. He elaborates, designs, represents and solves: he is a designer.

Communication Designer

Of Puglian origin, a Roman at heart. She betrayed the darkroom after meeting the trackpad of a Mac. Since then she has fed on creative ideas, images and ... take away food.

R&D Consultant

Being passionate about Oriental languages and cultures she moved to China 8 years ago handling relations between Italy and China; in particular trade. She works every day in conjunction with the Chinese staff in order to guarantee the correct implementation of projects, ensuring that the ``Made in China`` products reflect expectations in terms of quality and design.


A mixed team of professionals is able to create projects and original, exclusive and integrated communication products, adaptable to the most diverse needs. Our experiences are complemented by success which has been confirmed by customers over the years. Now our talents have found a commonplace of expression, the creative nest of BelowTHESIGN.



From a purely abstract idea to the enthusiasm for a finished product: beauty is always the momentum of our projects. Therefore, our creative process heads off straight in the direction of what for us is always the best outcome: customer satisfaction.


    One evaluates a project and the first ideas are generated


    We begin to see the shape of our project


    Our idea is realized according to customer's needs


    We're almost there, the project is developed in each of its aspects


    From an abstract idea to the defined project: everything is ready!