Led laser light bracelet

The organization of events represents a marketing operation aimed at generating positive orientation and enhancing the image of a brand, a service or a product through emotional and experience-based actions, thanks to direct, real and interactive contact which one has with one’s target audience. Donating a gadget during an event becomes a strategic component, seeing […]

Virtual Reality

  Content creation with a high level of engagement is the main challenge in the world of marketing.. VR glasses represent an excellent and innovative marketing tool, able to increase the involvement of consumers and give them the experience of the values of the brand in question, in fact, virtual reality is considered the best […]

The power of pen!

Writing tools are one of the best means of communication within promotional campaigns, both in terms of returns regarding image and Brand Recognition. They are versatile promotional items but above all, in relation to investment they achieve high redemption. The usefulness of a promotional product such as a pen becomes a central component, since it […]

Tailor made promotional items

Starting from a logo, an image, a corporate product or just an idea, we devise and develop tailor made promotional items. By creating an ad hoc gadget one is able to reach the consumer in an exclusive and personalized way, achieving a highly noticeable result and increasing referrals to the company. The USB stick is […]

We like to think about design!

Consumer reference values in recent times have largely changed. As the consumer, there has been a switch to prosumer, the key player with regard to every purchasing choice, who strives to find the proposal which is more and more personalized, that goes beyond the mere functional aspect, and enters into relations with one’s emotional side. […]

Brand Image and promotional items

Advertising by means of objects obtains consumer fidelity, representing an effective marketing strategy  in terms of  redemption. How to find the promotional item which respects the company mission? There are several factors to analyze: from the identification of the target audience to the relating analysis with respect to the interests of the latter, from distribution […]

The Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinner is the most popular and sought-after accessory of the moment. It is considered a must-have by people of all ages and has been voted by Forbes as among the best pastimes of 2017. It is a small rotating device consisting of a circular central piece with ball bearings which works as an […]

Below the Sign of…Wine – Promotional items for wine market

Does your company belong to the beverage or wine sector? Have you already thought about the promotional items that will contribute to the visibility of your brand during your events? Check our catalogue to get some ideas for promotional gadgets!     Click here to download the pdf: Proposta merchandising Below The Sign Contact us […]

The webcam cover that protects you against hacker attacks

Security & Privacy According to the latest events in the field of cyber espionage, it becomes increasingly important to protect yourself from hacking attempts. It is well known how today it is possible, for a hacker, to “enter” easily into our built-in webcam by now on most of our computers. The camfecting (this is the […]

Dusseldorf PSI – Europe’s leading trade fair for promotional items

Our participation in European and international events   During the year we take constant inspiration from participation in European and international events. From today until 12th January, we are at the PSI in Düsseldorf, the leading trade fair in Europe in the promotional items market. In these days the sharing of knowledge with other experts […]