Antibacterial pens: stay in touch, stay safe!

Stay in touch, stay safe: even when you write, take care of yourself: the plastic used for our collection of antibacterial pens prevents bacteria from settling on the surfaces of the pen and passing from one hand to another. Just pens, no bacteria! We need to feel protected, every day and today even more. That […]

Anytime, anywhere, anyhow

Many everyday situations see us perform involuntary actions that expose the hands, one of the most socially communicative parts of our body, to contact with atmospheric agents, surfaces or simple handshakes, which favor the accumulation of bacterial load and dirt on them, vehicle of possible infections. This is why it is important to protect yourself […]

Design Pills

The term Design means the design of an object that encompasses the criteria of functionality, aesthetics and industrial production. The birth of Design dates back to the Industrial Revolution and to the consequent advent of mechanized production, events that led to the birth of the so-called industrial product. Specifically to the arts and crafts movement […]

9 Must Have to keep on the desk

Have you ever wondered what can absolutely not be missing on the office desk? In other words, what are those accessories, in addition to the PC, necessary to keep your workstation in order and have everything you need to work at 360 °, but also to face office life. Below we offer you our selection […]

Choose your lunch box

Lunch is a very important moment of the workday because we can take a long break and we can recovering energies. In this way we continue to be productive for the rest of the day. Everyone spends lunch as they like, most people take the opportunity to eat a meal with thei colleagues by exchanging […]

Corporate gadgets and team building

Humans are social animals. For this reason they have always lived in group since their origin and thay have devolped a strong feeling of belonging to the group. People decide to stay together not only to reach a target or to guarantee themselves a security status, but especially to satisfy the need of sharing the […]

Germs? No Thanks.

Sanitize your hands is important not only to have them clean, but also because is the most effective preventative measure against bacteria. We often can’t wash our hands with water and soap everytime we need, especially when we are out of the house. To elude this problem, we can equipe ourselves with pocket cleaning gels […]

Mug on the go!

As we have already said, 2019 is benne the year of sustainability; all people in the world have become aware of the environmentale alarm. We have started to move small steps toward a green future. The road is still long, but as a famous Chinese proverb says “Even the longest journey begins with the first […]

Snappy® Pen, do you remember it?

The Snappy® Pen has been an icon of communication during 80s, it is back with a modern design. Before we talk about the new design, we retrace quickly the story of the most famous Toy Pen of promotionlae sector. Its designer is the italian Pietro Larizza who deposited the patent of the Snappy® Pen in […]

PANTONE 2020: Classic Blue

Classic Blue 19-4052 is the main color of 2020. Since 2000 Pantone, an american firm, chooses the Color of the Year. That color which will influence the products developed by different industries: fashion, interior design, industrial design and graphic design. The color is choosen after months of research: a team of experts travel around the […]

Dusseldorf – PSI 2020

Every yer we go to the PSI fair, the most important european exhibition of promotionale sector. The event is an opportunity fior us to get to know the prewiew of new promotional items and industry trends. The fair is also an opportunity ro mee tour colleagues who come from different countries. Eco products are the […]

An evergreen of promotional sector: notebooks

If you think that the notebooks are promotional products close to sunset, you are making a big mistake. Now we say you because. Despite tecnology has pervaded our lifes and therefore our activities, taking notes with pen and paper continues to be more useful than PC. Different psychological studies have highlighted that taking notes with […]

How we got to the customizable corkscrew?

Molière said “Great is the luck of the one who owns a good bottle of wine, a good book and a good friend” . and a custom corkscrew (let’s add it!). The protagonist of this article is just him, the bottle screw. The corkscrew is small, but essential to taste a bottle of good wine […]

The role of gadgets in marketing strategies

Promotion is essential for marketing strategy beacause it helps the firm to reach sales goals and also to reinforce the brand awareness. The Gadgets are becoming more and more important for promotional activities. This is determinated from the decisive role that they have despite their simplicity. When gadget’s quality is high, the product continues its […]

Gift time: choose bright christmas balls

Every year we have the same problem: we have to find a Christmas product to give away to our employees and customers. Now we have less and less time.  This year we give you a little suggestion: choose a classic present, in this way you can’t wrong. What are we talking about? We are talking […]

Eco-friendly pens for the circular economy!

What circular economy is? According to the Definition of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, it is “an economy designed to regenerate itself. In a circular economy, material flows are of two types: biological ones, able to be reintegrated into the biosphere, and technical ones, destined to be revalued without entering the biosphere.” The products made according […]

Gift or promotional? Our proposals for your office.

For some the return to the office is approaching, for others it has already happened, bringing with them the right load of news and commitments. August represents a sort of watershed between the old and the new, a fixed point from which to start again and renew not only the objectives but also the spaces. […]

Vacuum your brand: it’s “wow” effect.

Implementing an effective and efficient communication process is essential to make a business grow better. Being able to identify the most suitable means to convey a message requires a lot of attention, aimed at identifying innovative and cutting-edge communication formulas capable of strengthening and enhancing one’s brand identity. The same happens in the promotional, thanks […]

Speaker Bluethoot: this summer changes music

This summer changes music. With the selection of bluetooth speakers designed for the open air you can have your playlist always at hand. From their appearance on the market to date, portable loudspeakers have undergone a surprising evolution, which has led them to acquire increasingly sophisticated features, being rightly among the most requested technological gadgets. […]

Gadget for Kids: The eco watering can

The gadgets made for children represent a very delicate category, where originality and usefulness gare important as the quality of raw materials, subjected to strict controls to safeguard the health of minors. Among the novelties of this year, one of the most interesting is the eco watering can made of recyclable vinyl film, which represents […]