Many everyday situations see us perform involuntary actions that expose the hands, one of the most socially communicative parts of our body, to contact with atmospheric agents, surfaces or simple handshakes, which favor the accumulation of bacterial load and dirt on them, vehicle of possible infections.
This is why it is important to protect yourself from contamination by washing your hands often, and when it is not possible, it is useful to use sanitizing gels without rinsing.


A practical, current, visible and fully customizable accessory!

The Hands Mate case is an optimal solution to have the sanitizing gel always “at hand” during every move away from home and useful on various occasions.
Hands Mate can be combined with backpacks, bags, trolleys or simply as a key ring thanks to the small carabiner with ring.
Made of PU with neutral refillable vial * (sanitizing gel not included) and ad hoc graphics starting from 500 pcs.


50 ml bottle included*

*Sanitizing gel not included.


30 ml bottle included*

*Sanitizing gel not included.


The Hands Mate case is fully customizable with graphics, corporate colors, logo and Brand.


Also available in kit version including 100 ml hand sanitizing gel refill. Alle the accessories are packed in a fully customized cardboard box.