An evergreen of promotional sector: notebooks

If you think that the notebooks are promotional products close to sunset, you are making a big mistake. Now we say you because.

Despite tecnology has pervaded our lifes and therefore our activities, taking notes with pen and paper continues to be more useful than PC.

Different psychological studies have highlighted that taking notes with the new devices causes more distraction to people and it does not allow to really elaborate the topics, although people can take a bigger quantity of information with PC than through pen and paper.

The reason of this is very simple and it is provided by psychology: taking notes taking notes with pen and paper activates those cognitive processes which allow to improve comprehension. Comprehension is stimulated by the reworking of the content which is transcribed in a concise and schematic way. The increased focus on content promotes the development of memory and learning processes.

According to what has been said so far, the notebooks continue to be our faithful allies in many situations. Available in different sizes, materials and colors, the notebooks are one of most valued gifts. Entirely customizable, the notebooks are a promotional product that we could define evergreen.

Elegan, breezy, ecological or colorful, what is the notebook for you?