Products for communicating and promoting your Brand

This section contains a wide range of promotional items organized by product category, corresponding to the various promotional needs of the business.

All items are customizable with the company logo.


The latest in promotional products, marketing gadgets, and business/corporate gifts

"BE SAFE" Collection



Diaries and notebooks, desk and office accessories, folders and laptop cases

Pens & writing tools

Select your favorite pen and send us your logo, and receive a free digital sample!


All the essentials for the office and home: power banks, USB sticks, speakers, and electronic accessories

Shopping bag

Incentive gifts

Items for corporate gifts, loyalty programs, incentive promotions

Home & living

Personalized home accessories, always considered high value business gifts. Discover all the latest news


Clothing for work and leisure, all personalized with your logo


Gadgets for everyone!
Useful for launching a new product, promoting an event, acquiring new contacts, or simply increasing brand visibility
Products characterized by their quality and innovation, reflecting a design that goes beyond aesthetic

Being creative first of all means doing something unusual ... on the other hand, however unusual, the idea must be logical enough for people to take it seriously.

Howard Gardner

Taylor made projects

Gadgets 100% custom

Promotional objects and gadgets 100% custom made, starting from nothing but an idea.

We redesign, rerender, and reproduce samples until a final gadget is created that matches the marketing

needs of your brand.

Want to promote your Brand?

Whichever objectives you have: lead generation, product or service launch, increased brand awareness and

engagementCONTACT US. We will be happy to offer you the best solution.