Pens, highlighters and USB devices for data collection are among the most used office accessories.. Would you confirm this small selection? So, if you are in agreement with us on this short classification of the most used objects in offices, you will find our catalogue new entry flip-pen greatly useful.

What is the Flip – Pen?

Accessori da ufficio

Nothing simpler! The Flip-Pen is the combination of the three most used and essential office accessories for carrying out our daily tasks. A ballpoint pen, a precision highlighter and a USB pen drive all integrated into one, designed around a pivot, which transforms the accessory into a handy anti-stress gadget.


A further advantage? The huge èpssibility of customization which not all office accessories can offer

Given the high quantity of office accessories on the market today, choosing one which can be highly customized is definitely an advantage which should not be underestimated. In the case of the Flip-Pen you can customize:

  • The central triangular frame
  • The closing cap of the three office accessories contained within
  • The central spindle

Basically a 100% customization.


An anti-stress gadget

Let’s try to think of how welcome this promotional item would be to your customers. Given the structure of the object, one can appreciate primarily the fact that the three accessories: a ball-tipped pen, a highlighter and a USB stick for collecting data can be permanently readily available, without which it would be impossible to work. In addition, the central shaft function which controls the manual rotator. promotes concentration and helps reduce nervousness and stress. Who doesn’t occasionally need to relieve stress at work? Here is the solution!

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