Design Pills

The term Design means the design of an object that encompasses the criteria of functionality, aesthetics and industrial production. The birth of Design dates back to the Industrial Revolution and to the consequent advent of mechanized production, events that led to the birth of the so-called industrial product. Specifically to the arts and crafts movement […]

9 Must Have to keep on the desk

Have you ever wondered what can absolutely not be missing on the office desk? In other words, what are those accessories, in addition to the PC, necessary to keep your workstation in order and have everything you need to work at 360 °, but also to face office life. Below we offer you our selection […]

Choose your lunch box

Lunch is a very important moment of the workday because we can take a long break and we can recovering energies. In this way we continue to be productive for the rest of the day. Everyone spends lunch as they like, most people take the opportunity to eat a meal with thei colleagues by exchanging […]